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I fucked up, I’m homeless.
Wish I’d gone to college.
My greatest ambitions,
Are her love and beer
She hates me, I agree.
Wish I weren’t so comfy ,
In being a loser with nothing to steer me.

How was I supposed to know?
I’m Just a fuck-up I suppose.
Rejection hits you like a rail-tie to the teeth.
Where was I supposed to go?
I change my life like I change clothes.
Walkin’ around half drunk and wonderin’ where to sleep.

My life is so shitty.
Rode Oakland to Philly,
Just for her to tell me,
She no longer cared.
Ashamed on this curbside,
Just sobbin’ through her lies.
I think I just might die, if I don’t get whiskey!

I’m a miserable drunk
You don’t wanna know.
Tend not to have success,
Or know where to go.
I hate myself hating,
This life that I’m living,
And I just don’t know what to do.

I just don't know what to do.
I hate myself for hating you
And I just don't know what to do.
I hate myself and I hate you, too.

I’m a home-bum in training.
This shopping cart’s named after you!


from Next Time Try The Train EP, released April 27, 2017




Grainer Oakland, California

Grainer is a crusty pop-punk band from Oakland, CA.

We like trains, booze and Rivethead.


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